Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Zoya Nail Polish Earth Day Exchange

I have nothing to disclose.

Every year, Zoya does a special promo - twice a year, once for Earth Day and again sometime around December - where you can get 50% off your purchase of their polishes, with a minimum order of 6 bottles. That's $5 a piece - and you get a free bottle of their nail polish remover as well! In return, you agree to send your old unwanted polishes to them - but you don't have to do this! You can donate them or whatever - you can also send Zoya your old polishes without making a purchase.

This is my first time participating in the promo - and I've been waiting over half a year to do so! I've been busy reorganizing my polishes and sorting through to look for bad ones. I will get around to blogging about that at another time. It hasn't really been a fun process at all. I've found jelly polishes and many of the cheaper polishes dry out the fastest so I'm no longer wasting my money on those. Zoya has honestly held up the best from what I found. The glitter polishes also seem to be the worst unfortunately - but that also kind of goes hand in hand with jellies and cheap. So....

Use promo code EARTHLUV at checkout to receive 50% off your order. Valid through May 10, 2017.

Before I get to what I bought, what I'm returning let me take a moment to show you how I'm now keeping track of my Zoyas. I recently purchased Cosmos only to discover I had already purchased it (almost exactly a year apart - OOPS) SOOOOOOO I took one of their old catalogs and started crossing out all the polishes I have already and wrote in the names of any I couldn't find.

I'm pretty certain I'll just be buying Zoyas from now on - not that I buy nail polish often anymore - but I would rather buy high quality! So I imagine my little catalog is going to fill up with Xs :)

I still can't believe I got my order already. That shipped so FAST! I placed my order on April 10 and received it on April 14.

So first let me show you what I'm sending to Zoya in exchange. Just a note that I did try to restore this using thinner and even acetone in some cases but these babies were too far gone. RIP 😢

First is a generic brand called Simply Pleasures but I called this one Peace because that's what it says on the bottle :P
This was an iridescent jelly glitter and really turned glumpy. This one I won in a giveaway.

Second is LA Colors Sassy Sparkle which was pretty similar to the first one. Same issues. I bought this one.

Next is China Glaze Marry a Millionaire. I'm so sad this one dried up because it was one of my special Christmas time polishes I won. Iridescent bar glitter and little purple glitters.

I'm sending in Mentality Sexy for obvious reasons. I don't know for certain if this one was one of the bad batches (I won this one in a giveaway also). I think I only used it once before I found out about the Mentality issue. Too bad because it looks so pretty! But I'm not risking using this and I've already held on to it for way too long.

Next is Pop Culture Cosmetics in Pink Christmas. I noticed minis do not hold up well, either. Won't be buying them again. It looks like Pop Culture Cosmetics closed or at least I can no longer find them on Facebook - I'm not surprised. Pink Christmas was one polish I really wanted so I splurged for a Christmas present to myself and bought it several years ago. The formula was awful to begin with. I contacted the owner about this issue and never heard anything back.

Shany Magnetic in 05 I bought years ago. It was dried out when I received it. Both Amazon and Shany refused to give me my money back for this one. Obviously I'm not purchasing from Shany again and I try not to ever buy nail polish from Amazon because their policy for damaged nail polish is to just toss it and you're out your money. Amazon - I hate your policy. I had kept the polish because I thought maybe I could restore it with some thinner, but no luck. The brush was broken off when I received it, also. Not good.

Next is Hard Candy Fireworks. I believe my husband picked out this one several years ago when we went looking for some birthday polishes. I should have known better after getting Julep's 4th of July polish which is similar - the formula for both of these was not good but at least with the Julep it's still somewhat usable. Red and blue multiglitter.

I also have a mostly used up bottle of Sally Hansen base coat. I learned the hard way this week not to try to use basecoat when it gets to the end of the bottle and gets all weird. Now I have a couple of lumpy nails. Why did it take me so long to figure that out? I don't know, but now I know!

So now let's check out my new pretties.

I couldn't really find a good replacement for the Mentality so I just got Zoya Teigen which is a really pretty red with gold glitters. I got Lacey because I've been eyeballing it for months. Harper has been on my wishlist for awhile.

I probably already have enough polishes similar to Leia and not sure I really need Alicia but they're both gorgeous! Monet I felt was a good replacement for those glitters.

I feel like this is a good selection for spring :) Also just a tad bit Christmasy but that's ok.

I decided to do an Easter manicure with Lacey, Harper and Monet. I loved how they turned out - although I did it on a day I had barely gotten any sleep so that wasn't the brightest idea. I also used some color change decal stickers from Del Sol which I finally got around to using after having them for.... too long. They change color really well in the sun but I hate how they look on my nails. The stickers are just way too thick. I'm probably going to donate these.

Monet looks so pretty over Lacey though and I love how Harper compliments the combo.

Maybe I'll try this manicure again some day - but without these particular decals :p

Are you doing the exchange? Let me know what you think of my picks. Thanks for reading!

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