Monday, April 10, 2017

Winslow inspired nail art

I already posted this manicure on my social networks, but today I'm sharing my Winslow inspired nail art with you. For those who may not know who Winslow is:

My little loveable ball of fluff.

I've had this manicure in mind for awhile but I've just gotten around to doing it. For this one I used:

Dreamy Lacquer Company Bombardier's Eyes as the accent color - it seemed fitting to match the cool light blue of Winslow's eyes. I used a total of 3 coats and it's still fairly sheer.

I drew on the cat shape on these nails using one of my Shany nail art polishes. I tried! It's been months since I've drawn anything at all and even longer since I've done any freehand nail art - and this time while nursing torticollis so I did my best :)

I did two nails with Zoya Jules and two with Trust Fund Beauty $12 Latte.  I've never been much a fan of brown colors but I got $12 Latte in my Ipsy bag awhile ago so I had to try it out. As you can see, the polish in the bottle is a bit... odd. Like it separated with our cold weather. It seemed to apply fine though! I feel like this partially inspired my manicure as well, giving me the idea to do a marble effect. Anyway - Zoya Jules I highly recommend because although I'm not normally a fan of tan colors, this one is gorgeous! It has a beautiful gold shimmer which I love.

I used the dry brush method to achieve this look, using Essie Miss Fancy Pants along with $12 Latte over Jules, and Miss Fancy Pants and Jules over $12 Latte for a really interesting effect. I topped it with Ciate Gelology top coat which smoothed out the colors of the dry brush effect. I absolutely love how this turned out. Notice how it almost looks like I used Bombardier's Eyes on the brown nails? I didn't at all!

This is so much prettier in real life. I wish I could get a better capture of it. Oh well, take my word for it - it looks awesome :P

I love the little hint of gold in this every now and then from dry brushing Jules. That was an unintentional bonus.

I have two coats of the top coat on this in total since I didn't do this manicure all at once - I did the base coats then the dry brushing and nail art a different day. So far it's holding up very nicely. Fingers crossed it doesn't start to crack.

Hopefully I'll be back to doing more nail art soon. Thanks for reading!

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