Wednesday, April 5, 2017

April Ipsy Sneak peek

I bought this. Referral link included.

One of the things I'm loving about being on second shift is I don't have to wait for my Ipsy sneak peek - as soon as it hits midnight, I'm there checking on it. Yes, I hate waiting as you may be able to tell.

Reading the feedback on the bag and theme this month has been kind of interesting - so many people seem to think it's so childish and just hate the bag. I've been more reflective on Carol Tuttle's Dressing Your Truth information lately, so I feel like this bag is pretty perfect for those Type 1s out there - and color wise I feel it's pretty perfect for my Type 4/1 energy. (Check out Carol's Web site if you're absolutely clueless about what I'm talking about - there's plenty of free information there to get you interested - unless you're type 4 - haha)

So I don't mind the bag. I feel like it's a fun, creative look for those of us who don't like the norm.

Let's check out what I'm getting this month:

Meg Twin Nail Polish in Lovey Dovey - I'm super pumped to be getting this. Seriously excited. I always love 2 for one products and of course new nail polish. This is a brand I have never tried so I'm excited about that. The colors aren't my first choice but that's actually a good thing - I've found I have so many reds, blues, etc. but so very few neutral colors. This will give me a couple more colors to play with. OHHH and I see it's an Ipsy limited edition combo - even better. These seem to be mini size which kind of sucks - those always dry up first for me so I will definitely try to make use of these before they turn goofy! (I've been working on restoring my old polishes for the past week, bleh.)

 Ciate London mini bronzer - I kind of thought I might get this. My current bronzer is getting pretty thin, so I won't complain. I'm curious about this as I see it's made with sunflower (LOVE) and amaranth - I can't recall ever seeing amaranth in a beauty product before so that will be different. I've been pretty happy with Ciate London products so far.

Jesse's Girl Liquid Eyeliner.... in black. This is the only product I'm disappointed to be getting. Seriously, another black eyeliner? I don't want black! I want weird different colors! I have plenty of black already and honestly I have found I don't really care how black looks on me. I almost always end up putting some other color eyeshadow over it just to tone it down a bit. But - I will have 2 black eyeliners expiring next month so I suppose this will replace those 2.

TonyMoly Liptone Lipcare - I'm anxious to see which one I get. I was kind of hoping for this actually. My current lip balm is almost all used up. These seem to have interesting scents (? scents not flavors? you're confusing me, Ipsy) like honey, mint and rose blossom. I feel like I'll be happy with this no matter which one I get. Hopefully if I do get the honey one it won't be sticky - that's my only concern.

Eau Thermale Avene Rich Compensating Cream - moisturizers are kind of like a little bonus item to me, nothing exciting but a daily use item. So I will definitely make use of this, I'm sure.

Nothing too exciting, bold or major exciting or different here - but I'm happy with the preview, aside from the eyeliner. I guess I'm boring in that sometimes I'm happier just getting products I will use every day opposed to new and different things at times.

What are you getting this month? What do you think of this month's bag? Getting something you're especially excited about? Let me know in the comments! :)

If you're not familiar with Ipsy, they are a subscription service where you get 5 beauty items a month delivered to your door. Sometimes you get full sized items, sometimes travel or sample sized. But they're fun just if you like to try new things. For me, it's been a great experience to try new products and types of products as I learn more about makeup. Additionally, they have a cool rewards program where if you review items on their Web site, share your bag, etc. you get points which can be used to exchange for free products. Score! (Referral link follows.) You can sign up for your custom monthly Ipsy bag here.  

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