Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Essential Oils: The Ultimate Essential Oils Guide

I received this item in exchange for an honest review.

I am FINALLY starting to feel better after getting that flu again a few weeks ago. Unfortunately I guess maybe because it's about allergy season, my headache has been in full high force pain mode so I haven't felt like reading much or doing much intellectually in general - aside from genealogy. So I'm finally back here blogging. I'm just now starting to get my strength back and I'm feeling much more stronger than I was before I got sick even so that's a good thing if anything else. But enough about me not feeling well...

Today I have an ebook review for you, about essential oils.


Look Younger and Feel Better - Gain the Healthy Benefits of Essential Oils!Do you want to look and feel younger? Do you want to relieve stress? Are you fighting the symptoms of chronic illness?

When you download Essential Oils: Ultimate Essential Oils Guide and 89 Powerful Essential Oil Recipes! (2nd Edition) – How to Use Essential Oils for Aromatherapy and Healthy Living, your house will smell great every day! These fun and easy tips help you understand the many benefits of this fun hobby. You'll be proud to show off your knowledge of essential oils to your friends, co-workers, and family!

This helpful book provides an overview of aromatherapy and explains basic concepts such as the differences between essential oils and carrier oils. You'll learn how essential oils are safe, inexpensive, readily available, and have virtually no side-effects.
Aromatherapy with essential oils has multiple benefits, such as stress-reduction, detox, chronic illness relief, and preventative uses.

The knowledge hidden within this book will take you step by step, through the process of creation, and usage of essential oils.The story of this book will show you:

  • The importance of aromatherapy
    Benefits It Will Show On Your Health
    Why You Should Use Essential Oils
    How To Create Them
    How To Use Them
    When To Use Them
    And Much More!
And this book even contains 89(!) essential oil recipes, including:
  • Organic Oil Mixture
    Minty Magic
    Headache Mixture
    Insomnia Relieving Blend
    Lavender And Rose Bath Salt
    Refreshing Herbal Face Mask Scrub Mix
    Macadamia & Rose Up Sense
    Argan Facial Serum
    Headache Mixture
    Peppermint Foot Cream
    Relaxing Massage Oil
    And So Much More!
Download Essential Oils: Ultimate Essential Oils Guide and 89 Powerful Essential Oil Recipes! (2nd Edition) – How to Use Essential Oils for Aromatherapy and Healthy Living! and become a master alchemist who creates his own essential oils!


Living with chronic pain, I've been using essential oils for quite awhile to help with my pain. This books is a very good guide for those starting out to learn about oils, but it's also full of information for those already using oils. It provided me with a few pieces of information I didn't know and I made sure to bookmark the recipes I think I may find useful. The author also mentions several oils which I may have to try out in the future to help with my pain. I'm always looking for new things to help, so I'm grateful she provided a few new suggestions. I feel like this book could have been much longer with a lot more information, but it's still a good basic book. 

I did try one of the headache mixture recipes with a few adjustments just because I didn't have all of the oils mentioned. I also added a few oils which I know are good for headache pain. Unfortunately I haven't tried other recipes because she does use quite a few oils which I don't have so I would have to substitute a few things or leave them out all together.

The only thing I'm iffy on with this book is the mention of using oils in food. It was my understanding you must use food grade oils, and I don't feel the author emphasized this enough. She does mention the danger of using oils, but this could be very dangerous if someone new to oils chose to use the wrong oils in their food! 

The Ultimate Essential Oils Guide is available for free with Amazon Kindle Unlimited or $2.99 ebook or $9.99 for paperback. 

Saturday, March 19, 2016

Still here

Hi all - 

I really hope to get back to reviewing soon. I can't believe it's been well over a month since I posted anything. But I have some good reasons. My husband was exposed to formaldehyde at his new job then we both got the flu again on top of it. That's the second time we had the flu so far this year and it sucks but I've learned some important lessons about what I eat. 

Anyway. I've been learning a lot about formaldehyde and since my husband apparently is sensitive to it I'm going to be a lot more careful with the beauty products I buy because many of them do contain formaldehyde. This is no joke. My husband had a headache for eleven days which was scary in itself. Typically if you have a headache for three days you should seek medical help. The longer you have a headache the more likely for chronic problems. I was absolutely terrified he was going to end up with chronic daily headache like me. For a few days his fever got up to 103 and the entire situation was just bad because I really couldn't do much to help him. Then  I started getting a fever just as his fever started going up again. I hope we're never in that situation again because it was very scary not knowing if he was going to get better. 

To make matters worse my little gerbil Marvin died the day before we both got really sick. I was too busy worrying about Mike to grieve. Now that I'm feeling better that's all I've been doing is grieving. I miss my gerbils so much. I hate being in our computer room because it's just so quiet and empty. I miss them and would like to get more but Mike wants to wait til we move so we'll see. 

My own chronic daily headache has not been nice to me this past week as I deal with all of this and more. It hasn't been all bad. My birthday was this week and I got a bunch of goodies I want to share with you. 

From my sister I got a ton of new beautiful polishes including two ILNP polishes which may have had me dancing and shrieking with joy. 

I can't wait to try these but I'm waiting til I'm feeling better before doing my nails again as to not irritate my throat. 

She also got me this Miracle Mat which looks like it'll be a lot of fun to play with and practice on. 

She also got me several sets of nail vinyls which I'm very excited to try. The vinyls I've used in the past were so easy and fun. Lots of new designs here so I'm looking forward to using them. 

Lastly she got me some nail sticks, brushes and a stamper with a clear end. The stamper will be very neat to try since I've had trouble placing my stamping in the past. 

I got a ton of new nail art goodies as you can see so I'm definitely going to have to step up my game. 

Yesterday I got one more present. This one from my sister in law. This is a set of LA Colors neon polishes with top coat. My cat was trying to get in the picture so that's why it's so dark. lol I swatched the colors and the formula seems very nice and the colors are a bit sheer but very bright. 

She also got me this facial products which will definitely be fun to try. 

Today I also got a few goodies in the mail to share with you. I FINALLY got my March Ipsy bag. I think it got lost in Chicago for a few days. I'm happy with what I got in this bag mostly because of the primer. One of the things I like about Ipsy so far is the more you review you get points for reviewing. Points can be used to get free products. In this picture is some finishing powder I got with my rewards points this time. I've never used finishing powder so it'll be fun to try that. 

Lastly I got some full size product samples from this site called PinchMe. This time I got some cat food and treats for Winslow to try. 

Can't complain about free. 

So that's about it from me for today. Hopefully I'll be back soon with more manicures and reviews. 

Thursday, March 3, 2016


Hi faithful readers. Yes I'm still here and I will get back to blogging soon. I've been spending some much needed time with my husband so just haven't been using computers much in general the past few weeks. He started a new job so we've been adjusting to his new schedule as well and in general I've just been more focused on real life. I have quite a few reviews to get to plus whatever else comes my way so check back.